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Setting Timers to Help Achieve Your Business Goals

Do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day so you would have enough time to get everything done? We all do. When it comes to business, it sometimes seems that there could never be enough hours in the day. Continue reading “Setting Timers to Help Achieve Your Business Goals”

nifnex business expo 2018

Meet us at Perth’s biggest Small Business Expo

Project Reboot is exhibiting at Perth’s BIGGEST Small Business Expo.

In its 7th year, the Small Business Expo in Perth has become the BIGGEST Small Business Expo ever held in Western Australia.

Mark the day: 4th May 2018!

Come to the Ascot Racecourse for an exciting day and meet some of our Project Reboot team.

About the Expo

nifnex business expo 2018The nifnex Business Expo is Perth’s premier business exhibition dedicated Small to Medium Size Businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and thought leaders, showcasing the latest and most efficient business solutions, services, products, technology, to the business market.


More information about the expo can be found here:

Why you should Attend

If you are looking for solutions for your business to accelerate your growth or are looking to start, grow or expand your business, then do not miss this event.

If you are looking to improve your project management capabilities, to increase staff morale, to raise the bottom line, talk to us. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements and how we can help you to find and implement solutions.

Talk to us and make use of our specials. For the nifnex Business Expo 2018 we have just released some incredible new services that come with introductory prices.

New Partner

Also we have partnered with Marcsman Technology and provide integration services to remote schools, which include ICT Integration assessments, mentoring and coaching of schools’ staff, ICT planning services, and much more.

No site is out of our reach

We service the metro area, but we do love a challenge. Our team specializes in reaching our most remote communities.

Price Draw

Project Reboot is having a raffle this year. Each visitor, who engages in a discussion with us, who leaves a business card in our special price box will take part in the raffle.

The winner of the price draw will receive a voucher for Project Reboot Services valued at $200.

If you don’t win the first price, you are still a winner! Project Reboot will be sending you a free gift via email. This gift will contribute to your personal development.



Dealing with Workplace Stress

Much of the stress that individuals are dealing with is caused by their workplace. Too many employees have to deal with job overload and the consequence of this is too much stress. This can result in burn out and sickness, with employees having to take weeks off to recover. How can you avoid becoming a victim of this? Continue reading “Dealing with Workplace Stress”

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Time Management Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

One of the most valuable abilities that you can have in life is efficient and powerful time management skills. If you’re not able to manage your time well, you will have no chance of reaching the goals you set throughout your life. Continue reading “Time Management Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals”

too busy time management

How to Find Time to Do Things You Want despite Your Busy Schedule

One common complaint in today’s world is that we are just too busy to find time for the things that we really like to do. We are too consumed by our work hours and then by our responsibilities towards family and society that we get very little time for personal enrichment of any kind. We don’t find time to pursue a hobby, for example, or to go on a holiday or maybe to just go for a walk. Continue reading “How to Find Time to Do Things You Want despite Your Busy Schedule”

time for next level executive coaching

7 Tips to Manage Your Time

Are you looking for ways to manage your time in a better way? Perhaps you need some time tips. Better time management leads to better personal development. So, if you are not looking for these methods yet, you should start looking for them now. Continue reading “7 Tips to Manage Your Time”

time for next level executive coaching

How Can the Value of Time Management Make You a Better Person?

The value of time management has been underestimated by many. In our experience Personal Development of many people had been focusing on many soft skills, yet mostly only managerial positions were offered training in time management. In the following we discuss the value of time management for anybody regardless of position, rank, business or family. Continue reading “How Can the Value of Time Management Make You a Better Person?”

too busy time management

Understanding the Value of Time Management

Time management should be one of the qualities that you should take very seriously if you are looking at your personal development. It is rightly said that a person who does not respect time does not respect his or her own self. Today, parents go all out to inculcate the values of time management in their children so that they can grow up to be better individuals who can gain respect in society. Continue reading “Understanding the Value of Time Management”