Coaching and Mentoring Services

To help you make real, sustainable improvements to your business and personal / professional life we will work with you to analyse and understand your current business situation. The we will work with you on setting new and realistic strategies and goals. This is followed by developing and applying practical, effective solutions and action plans to help you and your business realise its full potential. We continue where others stop! Our coaching programs support you on your journey until you reach your goals. We will work on accountability, goals and strategies, action plans, project execution and emotional mastery. Our holistic approach is second to none: we tailor the details of our coaching program to suit your needs and take you beyond what you are dreaming to achieve at this present time.

Strategic and Business Planning Services

Every excellent organisation develops and executes business plans that are strategically aligned to their business objectives and supported by sustainable processes during implementation and operation. We understand that not every organisation requires the same level of detail when developing strategic or business plans. Our Business Excellence Consultants will work with you on a plan that suits your needs. Those plans could be a corporate Strategic Plan, Business Plan, individual Departments’ plans and tactics, and so forth. Followed from the strategic planning exercise, we can also go right down to specific projects and activities with relevant details.

We explore and detail the technical aspects of the journey, and equally consider the organisation’s values, culture, processes and people – that is, the enablers for business success.

Change Delivery Services

In a competitive market, organisations need to constantly change and adapt in order to survive and prosper. Change can mean refining business processes, bringing new products to market, launching a new distribution channel or an acquisition of a competitor. Two characteristics of change are apparent i.e. the volume and rate of change is increasing. The elapsed time from idea conception to delivering the change is shrinking from years, to months, to weeks, to days. Therefore, an agile organisation will have a distinct advantage over one which is fragile. We offer support, tailored to suit your requirements, from specialist resources to run a project, through to assisting you to develop your Business Transformation strategy and/or program, linked to your Strategic or Business Plans.

Our pragmatic approach to Change Delivery and Business Transformation enables our team to work beside all levels in your organisation. We utilise proven, industry leading methodologies and practices, and effective Change Management techniques, to ensure that all key stakeholders are engaged during the entire process and we remain transparent throughout. Our engagement is only successful, when we have completed the business transformation and improved your services to become excellent. By working side-by-side with your people as a team, we are confident that we can take your organisation on a journey towards excellence and realise sustainable Business Excellence.

Governance and Assurance Services

The word ‘governance’ comes from an ancient Greek word meaning ‘to steer’ or ‘to guide’ with connotations of ‘wise and responsible’. In the modern context governance encompasses processes by which organisations are led and held to account. These are those processes that enable decisions, that are important to the future of an organisation, to be considered, determined, communicated, monitored and assessed. It refers to the authority, accountability, stewardship, leadership, direction and control exercised in the organisation.

We provide resources and services to establish and manage governance structures, such as Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Offices. We help organisations to steer into business excellence, so they will be selecting the right projects at the right time, deliver transformation and change with the right methodology, tools and techniques using the right resources.

Assurance is more the monitoring and control whether all relevant processes are followed. We perform Project / Programme Health Checks and Audits, review the maturity of Project Management and Business Transformation Offices and provide input to improve their services, and if required assist to reboot projects getting them back on track.