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How Negative People Can Poison Your Life

Everyone wants to stay positive but that can be hard. It’s hard at times for all of us, and for some of us it’s always hard. But can avoiding negative people help us to stay positive?

Guilt poison negative

Negative people can
make it harder for us to stay positive in a number of ways and staying positive
is important for leading a happy and productive life. In the ways discussed
below, negative people can poison your life.

Negative People Make
It Hard To See The Positive

Sometimes people feel
down because of a recent life event that they still need to recover from. Other
people are negative all the time. Something always seems wrong, or there’s
always someone else to blame. Spending too much time with these people can make
it difficult for us to see the positives in our lives. In this way, a negative
person’s mind-set can be contagious.

Negative People Stand
In The Way Of Productivity

Positivity isn’t just
important for your emotional health, it’s important for your productivity at
work, at home, and anywhere that you find problems. This is because positivity
is what makes you look for solutions. Negativity might make you aware of a
problem, but negative people often see searching for solutions as a waste of time.
This attitude means that they can even make it more difficult for positive people to find

Negative People Bully
Positive People

Negative people don’t
only make it more difficult for positive people to find solutions, they may
actively try to prevent positive people from doing their best. Many negative
people are also slackers and they feel that someone else doing too much raises
the bar for them. As a result, negative people are likely to mistreat harder-working people.

Negative People Make You Dread Situations

Not only that, negative
people often try to make others feel
that they are the problem. This often means that a single toxic
person can create a whole negative environment. Now instead of dreading dealing
with one negative person you may dread the situation where you encounter that
person, like work, school, social situations, or even your home.

Negative People Have
Unhealthy Coping Habits

Because negative
people spend so much time suffering, they can tend to develop some unhealthy
coping mechanisms. For example, negative people often abuse drugs and alcohol.
Spending too much time around such people can lead to trouble as it can be hard
to associate with such a person without either picking up on some of their bad
habits or being too close when they get into bigger trouble with financial
problems or legal issues.

Negativity Is Bad For
Your Health

Coping mechanisms
aren’t the only way that negativity can be harmful to your health. As discussed
above, negativity can be contagious, but it isn’t the only thing that you might
catch. Research has found that for reasons that we don’t entirely understand,
too much negativity harms your immune system.
Being around downers might make you a downer, but it might also lead to your
getting sick more easily and more often.

Staying Positive Around
Negative People

No matter where you
are or what you are doing, negative people can make things more difficult by
poisoning you with their negativity. The important thing is to stay positive
yourself by reminding yourself that it is only that individual making things
difficult or unpleasant, not the situation itself and certainly not you.

What can you do?

While some people seem to be bent on being negative just for the sake of negative, other negative people are negative because they have some legitimate issue with the way that things are done or possibly with someone else who poisoned them with their negativity. If you feel like you can, you may be able to address this issue by talking to your manager or other people in the situation to see if you can’t spread a little positivity instead of waiting for one person’s negativity to infect everyone else.

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