Governance and Assurance are two important aspects of business transformation.


Governance deals with the overview, support and direction given by the executives for the successful delivery of business benefits.

Executive Management requires a holistic overview of operational excellence and current and future investments that improve operations leading towards business excellence. Adequate governance structures will need to be established and maintained in order to support business operations and to give direction to business transformational initiatives.


Assurance is integral part of business transformations that gives the governing bodies the confidence that initiatives are following standards and best practices. Usually organisations run a Project Management Office (PMO) within Information Technology (IT) business units. Other organisations operate an enterprise wide PMO. These entities provide a number of services for projects that ensure that rules and regulations are met as well as providing accurate information to senior management and other governing bodies enabling them to make informed decisions for the direction of a project or business operations.


Our Governance and Assurance Services:

  • Performing program and project audits, remediation and recovery.
  • Establishment of reasonable and pragmatic governance for operational excellence and business transformation
  • Coaching and mentoring for leadership and management to become the ‘intellectual honesty’ and not just sticking to rules and regulations.
  • Fostering creativity while inventing ideas, yet assure disciplined implementation.

The following is a small list of our services with the Governance and Assurance arena:

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