Expert coaches show you the ‘path to success’

Our experts will coach your staff in various aspects of Business Excellence. Here are some examples:

  • How to write effective Business Cases
    Effective Business Cases will secure the funding required for a business initiative.
  • How to improve project planning and scheduling
    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Our coaches will workshop industry best practice with you.
  • How to deliver projects effectively
    Project management has many facets. Our coaches will work with you to embed effective delivery.
  • How to run Project / Programme Board meetings
    Let a coach work with you on what to do when the Project / Programme Board is lacking ‘executive influence’?
  • How to improve stakeholder engagement
    Who is a stakeholder, and what is their influence? Our coaches can help you to improve their support?
  • How to deal with difficult stakeholders
    What makes a stakeholder appear to be difficult? Our coaches get you prepared for the ‘difficult’ discussion.
  • How to increase project team morale
    A good team morale will increase your chances to deliver a successful project. Be the coach of your team!
  • How to master emotions
    If you control your emotions you will always have a balanced approach to challenges. Be that successful balanced person!
  • How to manage scope creep
    Your project end users are getting creative. get coached on how to avoid delivering what the customer doesn’t want.
  • How to manage project budget
    A Project Manager needs to keep abreast of project finances. We show what essential tools and techniques to use for good project financial management.
  • How to develop a Programme Blueprint
    Blueprint development for Programme Managers and Business Analysts.
  • Project Fail – What next?
    Some projects fail or are doomed to fail. What to do when the project is close to fail, or when it has failed.
  • When to start a Programme or a Project
    Criteria to check whether the initiative should be managed as a project or a programme
  • Business Strategy and Planning – working towards the organisation’s vision, mission and objectives
    Strategy and Planning workshops for businesses to establish and communicate a common theme and plan
  • Personal Goal Setting that align with the organisation’s objectives
    Empowered and encouraged employees who are embedded in the organisation’s goals will increase the success and bottom line
  • The difference between a Project Manager and a Project Leader
    The effects of various management and leadership styles impact business and project success


These are some of our topics our coaches are experienced in. There are many more cases where we feel we can help, but there are too many to list.

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