Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

Merry Christmas 2018
May 2019 be the best year ever!

Time to have a Merry Christmas

2018 has gone fast. Project Reboot has had some interesting challenges and went ‘full in’ tackling whatever obstacles came our way. 

We have been providing consulting work with new clients, and we are grateful to each and everyone who we met along the way. In reflection of 2018, we would like to thank all our customers, affiliates, and most of all friends and families for your support throughout the year.

New Year – Reboot Version 2

The New Year will bring about more changes. We are working on rebooting our offering for more clarity and direction.

You can expect a new Book being published for you to grow.

I have also being a co-Author of another book, the publishing of this book is imminent, too.

Exciting new things will come your way.

In the meantime, enjoy the Christmas break and have a safe slide into the New Year. May 2019 be the best year ever for you and your loved ones.


Effective Ways to Deal with Day to Day Stress

Today’s question is who isn’t dealing with stress? It seems as though everyone you know has some type of stress in their lives.

StressFamiliar Stress Situation?

Most families consist of two people who work along with a couple of children. Just the daily task of getting everyone up and out of the door each morning is stressful enough. Then on top of that you have to deal with your job, your boss and fellow co-workers. No wonder everybody is stressed out these days! Once you arrive home in the evening your day doesn’t stop. You are now faced with getting dinner, helping with homework and doing chores around the home. How can you possibly deal with all of this and keep your sanity?

How To Relieve Stress – Tip 1

One of the first things you can do to relieve stress is to prioritise things. This includes homework, after school activities and the housework. For example if you can leave the laundry and vacuuming until the weekend then do so. Then delegate these chores to all your family members. Even very young children can be given tasks to do such as putting away shoes in the closest and helping clean things up.

How To Relieve Stress – Tip 2

If your child has a ton of homework to do then see what needs to be done first. This will also allow you to help them reduce their own stress levels too. Do the homework which needs to be handed in first. This can also reduce the amount of homework that has to be done in one night. Your children will learn how to prioritise their workload, will learn how to schedule tasks.

How To Relieve Stress – Tip 3

Look at just how many after school activities your children are participating in. If it is more than two things maybe it is time to cut back. This frees up both your child’s time and your time. It is important that your children should have some time off from a lot of after school activities. Yes, it is great when they meet and play with other children, when they go after a hobby, when they play sports, and so on. Ask yourself whether you child does have to go for the surf life saving courses, the guitar lessons, basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby and ballet.

How To Relieve Stress – Tip 4

Another important thing to help reduce stress is to make time for the family. Try to plan one evening a week where you do something as a family together. This could be make dinner together or sit and watch a movie or play some type of game.
When it comes to sitting down and eating dinner make use of the time. Ask your kids and your spouse how their day went. This gives the person time to ‘vent’ if necessary and allows you to discover if there are any potential problems lurking around the corner.

By making time for your family and being aware of what each member is dealing with you can help reduce family stress. Communication is essential and one of the best ways to deal with stress before it becomes a major problem.

Got Stress At Work?

This is a different kind of stress, that may affect you in your family life. And, in many cases, stress at home does affect your performance at work. Prioritising your workload is certainly one important task you should apply. If you can delegate that task to someone who can assist, you will find that your level of stress will reduce. In general work situations are similar in many ways how many families are organised, or how families work. There is one major difference though: at work you go home with a paycheck, as a family member there is usually no such thing.

TakeAction-ButtonOne important key is also to have a balance between work and family, or commonly described as the balance between work and life. If you want to get into creating a successful work life balance, maybe our Instant Action Plan is something for you. Try it out, it is free to download for personal use. Contact us for more information.


How To Motivate Yourself

The one question…

If you were to climb to the top of the mountain and finally reach that all-knowing guru who holds the secret to life and are granted one question, what would it be? Some would ask the secret to great wealth.  Others would seek to learn how to live a long and healthy life without aging.  A select few might want to know how to motivate themselves and others.


What is required to motivate ourselves?

If we acquire the skills to motivate ourselves and others then we have the basic tools to acquire almost everything else that a good life requires.  It might be disappointing when the old man at the top of the mountain answers simply, “To know thyself and be kind.”

The Answer?

Usually you do not get the one and only answer. However, the response from the old man on top of the mountain being “To know thyself and be kind”, though disappointing to many, are wise words and hold much truth, but it’s a pretty broad answer.  To motivate or be motivated requires learning and dedication.  Motivation is a skill that can be easily learned if you possess dedication.  We use motivation daily at home and at work.  Subconsciously we’re striving to motivate ourselves and those we come in contact with.

To Motivate Is a Balance Act

We use our innate motivation skills to acquire the results we seek.  We use these skills on our spouse, our co-workers and our friends everyday to get our way.  It’s a delicate balance between communication and persuasion.  Maybe the sage knew what he was talking about when he advised to know yourself and be kind to others.  It’s long been said that we attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Use Rewards To Motivate

Offering rewards is an often used motivational tool.  If you dangle a reward on a stick whether it’s dangling in front of you or someone else it can be quite an incentive.  The greater the reward usually the more productive you get.  Not many people toil for the sheer love of working anymore.

Set a deadline

Not only do people balk at working for nothing, they must have a deadline or it will never get done.  Would you pay taxes if you were allowed to pay them at your own discretion?  Many still won’t begin a project until the deadline looms near.  You’re more likely to complete a project if you impose a deadline.

Set goals

Setting a goal lets you know where you’re going.  It’s hard to hit a moving target and a goal helps you focus on where you want to be and at a certain time.  Use both short and long term goals.  The short-term goals can be steps to reach the long-term objective.  Each time you satisfy a short-term goal, you’ll feel your inner motivation swell.


Expect the best and settle for nothing less.  If you’re doing the task or someone else is doing the task for you, insist on the best results or at the very least demand improvement over the last task.  Pride should motivate you to do your very best.


Enjoy your work by making it fun and stimulating.  Work that’s fun doesn’t seem like work at all.  Stay stimulated by doing various projects that take you a step closer to the major goal.  Stay happy and productive and you’ll stay motivated.

The Next Steps

You may want to ask some questions on how you can motivate yourself in your specific situation. Contact our team of Time For Actionmotivational coaches, certified in Emotional Mastery, who can guide you on your journey to become a peak performer. Our coaches are happy to show you how to motivate yourself, how to get on top of things and live a life of fulfilment and achievements.


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