Project Reboot – Maximise Business Excellence

Business Excellence is measured by multiple key performance metrics. Many businesses have been doing well and going quite strong. Still they ask whether is it going ‘excellent’? Becoming excellent means a business would need to transform. With our help we can assist your business to transform the entire organisation to excellence and each and every year you will look back on the ever growing success story.

People Process TechnologyOur Business Excellence Consultants and seasoned Rebooter provide the best available business transformation services supporting organisations to maximise their business benefits and success. Our objective is to improve your business success and assisting you to deliver better results. We focus on the 3 dimensions of business transformation: People, Processes and Technology.


Project Reboot comprises of a team of experienced professionals. We have been engaged as Portfolio Managers, Change Agents, Programme and Project Managers, Advisory Project Consultants, PMO Managers and Business Consultants.

Our expert team has managed complex programs of work within various industry sectors, also established and managed P3Os, coached and mentored thousands of people to embrace change, took them on the journey to business excellence, and therefore gathered a myriad of learnings throughout the past 20+ years of their professional lives. Our objective is to share our expertise, and prepare organisations for their next step to delivering business excellence, maximise your success, maximising business excellence.

Project Reboot is unique in its offering and puts the customer first. Our clients are small to large organisations across various industry sectors including Natural Resources, Finance, Education, Manufacturing, Public Services, IT and Software services companies. We have not just delivered projects, most of all we have established ongoing relationships with our customers, who see us as partners working alongside their projects and operational teams helping them to excel and succeed.

We are thought leaders in at least the following topics:

Improving the delivery of Business Benefits

Coaching and Mentoring to Improve Efficiencies and Managing Change (existing businesses and start-ups). We diagnose your current process of managing and achieving business benefits, work with you on closing the found gaps, and in addition mentor and coach your people to deliver business benefits.

Managing Business Transformation

Managing all aspects of changes to people, processes and technology. At the same time we ensure that your organisation is embracing a new way of thinking and working, enabled (not driven) by technology.

Efficient Project / Change Management Offices

An efficient PMO or CMO assists business managers to manage initiatives according to industry standard or best practice frameworks, receive support and relevant data for informed decision making. It seems like many PMOs are established to provide templates only, rather than providing support for the projects and programmes. We can help establishing and operating efficient PMOs and CMOs.

Adequate Governance and Assurance

Establishing the right decision structure and oversight for all initiatives across the organisation is important for the direction of projects and programmes. Further, business success is very likely, when it is ensured that initiatives are managed using the right methodologies, right resources at the right time. We will tailor Governance and Assurance to your organisational needs.

Increasing Project Performance

Coaching and Mentoring to deliver successful programmes by using the right methodology, the right processes and the right approach in dealing with business transformation and its changes. Project Methodologies and frameworks provide the basis for successful delivery. Some Project Managers seem to produce more documents than necessary, hence project performances lack. Others may not produce much documentation at all. We help you to find the right balance based on the size and complexity of your projects.

Reboot businesses to maximise excellence and success

Coaching and Mentoring to

  • Achieve More;
  • Improve Efficiencies;
  • Embrace an ever changing Business Journey; and
  • Employ the best human capital for your success.

Our business coaching programs are designed to steer your business into greater success. Rather trying to figure it all out for yourself, ask one of our experts. We will show you how to optimise processes and tools. We will coach you how to take your people on the journey to success. We will work with you to become an excellent business in your field.

Rescue and Reboot projects in crisis

Through failures we learn. Projects in crisis are a known occurrence. We help to minimise potential losses and rescue troubled projects by rebooting projects by focusing on the critical problem areas that occur between projects and operations. We analyse the gaps and produce an action plan to achieve a quality project outcome.

Take the next Step!

We are very sure that you also will be impressed with our services and our commitment to your success. As a result you will look forward to re-engage us after we have worked together for the first time. Contact us at Project Reboot for an obligation free 1 hour consultation. We will discuss with you where we can help your people delivering successful business initiatives.