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EGU Giveaway

Welcome to the listeners and subscribers of Entrepreneurs Globally Unite (EGU)

You have come here because you have listened to our podcast with Michelle Reinhardt and Bodo Frost on How to become more resilient.

We are very sure you liked the podcast. We are certain that you are eager to go from Good to Great in your life and business / career.


In the podcast we have mentioned 3 giveaways for you. All these giveaways are tools that will help you to

  • become more successful, and
  • how to become more resilient
  • starting to master your emotions,
  • getting an idea what it means to apply techniques to get on top of your tasks and achievements.

How to get the Giveaway?

You will need to provide us with your name, contact phone and email address. We will then send you an email with download links for the giveways.

The phone number will be used to follow up with you at a later stage. We want to know how you are getting on. We want to know whether there is anything we can do for you. This won’t be yet another sales call – it is a genuine follow up call from us.

Please rest assured, that we do not sell or pass on your contact details to third parties, unless we are obliged by law.

Enjoy the giveaways, and please provide us with some feedback. We love to hear from you.